Prize Details

The winner receives:

  1. $22,500 which must be spent on creating their product to, at minimum, an “alpha” stage (pre-production). 

  2. One-on-one time with Techhub staff who will mentor the winner on how to get their technology-based idea to market.

  3. Free office space in the Southeast Techhub in Estevan for one year.

  4. Free use and access to all the resources offered at the Southeast Techhub in Estevan.

The prize will be paid out to the winner over 12 months, in 12 equal payments, as long as the following remains satisfied:

  1. The business holds a valid business license with the City of Estevan.

  2. The prize is spent within the City of Estevan to create the winning product.

  3. The winner maintains staff in the City of Estevan.

Sign Up

You can sign up as an entrant from September 1 to October 31, 2023

Entries are no longer being accepted


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