Past Events

A list of Past Events hosted by the Southeast Techhub

Below is a list of online past events hosted by the Southeast Techhub in Estevan

Videography Workshop - Jan 12, 2023

  • How to capture the best footage for video. Hosted by Gordon More aka gmore70 from More Digital 70.
  • PDF of Power Point Presentaion can be downloaded from here: click here

Boston Dynamics Webinar - Feb 15, 2023

Dr Eric Grimson MIT Presentation at Southeast College Estevan Campus

Dr Aaron Genest Siemens Canada at Southeast College Estevan Campus

How to Purchase your First Drone.

Working in the Big City, living in Estevan - Tracie Heier

Nuclear Power and SMRs - A Primer - Al Shpyth

How to Write a Business Plan -  Stephane O’Reilly - Sk Start UP

Essentials to Fundraising - Jesse Webbe - Startup TNT

Ranjith Narayanasamy from President of the Petroleum Technology Research Center

Southeast Pitch 2023

3D Printing

SMR Supply Chain Conference - Feb 6 2024

EV? Will I die in the cold 

Our Energy, Our Story, Our Future. Innovation Centre for Energy Development. 3 Year Proposal

Home Automation - James Laiton

AI - What is it? How is it going to effect us?

Urban Greenhouses and 3rd Spaces.


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