Organic Chemistry Lab

For ICED to meet the needs of applied research and product development projects an organic chemistry lab is needed. This lab will be located at Southeast College’s Estevan Campus.

Currently the only available organic chemistry lab available for our clients is in Saskatoon. The distance and turnaround time involved makes it impossible for any lab work to be successfully completed.

We already have three projects needing access to an organic chemistry lab, they include Lithium Extraction Research, The City of Estevan’s Coal to Graphite project and a local SME involved in Solution Mining.

The following lab equipment has already been donated by SaskPower:

  1. CHN analyzer manufactured by Leco Model TruSpec CHN.
  2. Leco instruments: Leco SC -632 and Leco TGA 601.
  3. A Centrifuge (Thermo Fisher Sorvall ST 16.

The following lab equipment will need to be acquired:

  1. Columns for Chromatography Tech. (in 2-3 sizes; 100, 250, 500 g silica gel loadings)
  2. TLC Plates
  3. PTLC (Preparative TLC)
  4. Desiccators (in 2 or 3 Sizes)
  5. Centrifuge (Two kinds; one for test tubes and other one for liquids in larger vessels in 250 ml or so)
  6. Centrifuge tubes (Quantity: 8-10) 250 ml
  7. Separatory funnels (in 4 sizes; 250, 500 ml, 1 and 2 lit.)
  8. All pieces which are relevant to holding the Separatory funnels such as: Clamps, Holders, ring stands
  9. Purified lab water system (Deionized)
  10. Laboratory Fume Hood (High efficiency and acid/base compatible)
  11. Ventilation fan, Standard for regular laboratory
  12. Magnetic stirrer with hotplate and stir bars (Quantity: 2)
  13. Organic chem kit (Quantity: 2-3)
  14. Filters (50 mL – 2 or 3 L); Filter paper
  15. Erlenmeyer flasks with side arm (Quantity: 2-3 of each size) 25, 50 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 ml
  16. Vacuum oven, Standard for regular laboratory, incl. vacuum pump
  17. Drying oven for glassware Standard for regular laboratory
  18. Rotary evaporator kit with heater, Adjustable for variety of volumes, incl. vacuum pump
  19. Thermometers (below zero degree and above zero to 300 degrees: each 2-3 pieces)
  20. Glass pipets and bulbs (Quantity: 2-3 of each size); 25, 50 100, 250, 500 ml
  21. Glass funnels (Quantity: 1-2 of each size); 25, 50 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 ml
  22. Graduated cylinders (Quantity: 1-2 of each) 25, 50 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 ml
  23. Test tubes and test tube racks; At least 100 test tubes with their racks, 20mm x 150mm

403a 9th Ave, Estevan, SK S4A 2V4