Microgrid for Applied Research
& Product Development 

Microgrid technology at Southeast College’s Centre for Sustainable Innovation will allow workforce training and industry partners access to Applied Research technology. Potential training deliverables include solar, geothermal, biomass and nuclear.

A microgrid will allow various energy projects to tie into other projects to mimic a real-world environment. For example, a battery storage project tied into the microgrid can see how their product works with an energy generation project that is also tied into the same grid.

This project supports the Datacentre’s integrated energy self sufficiency, by preparing the local industry and future students with the concepts and practical applications of Microgrid technologies.

The Solar Powered Datacentre project, as laid out in this document, is a microgrid. SunCloud Holdings LLC will work directly with the Centre of Sustainable Innovation to create training programs to upskill the local workforce to operate the Datacentre’s Microgrid.

Siemens Canada will partner with Southeast College to install a microgrid at the Estevan Campus in Saskatchewan. The project will begin with a microgrid assessment in 2024, which will examine the Southeast College assets and provide design support.


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