Estevan Saskatchewan is Canada’s Energy City. From its historical roots of coal and oil and gas to hosting the first power station in the world to successfully use Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology.

Our region is the centre for applied research in direct lithium extraction technology (DLE), deep earth geothermal baseload power generation, graphitization of coal plus the potential future home of two Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

Estevan is innovation and resilience. Its in our culture and our way of thinking. Dr Eric Grimson, former Chancellor of MIT, and Jeff Sandquist, former VP of Microsoft, call Estevan their birthplace.

Innovation in energy is currently the largest disruption the world is experiencing. Estevan and Saskatchewan will succeed in the current challenge of energy disruption though the work of The Innovation Centre for Energy Development (ICED)

These webpages outlines SETH’s 3-year proposal within the greater framework of ICED.

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Our History

SETH was created by the community, the City of Estevan, with support from the Provincial and Federal Governments. Our doors opened in May 2022, with full time staff starting January 2023.

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ICED's Structure

Our 3-year plan centres around the new Innovation Centre for Energy Development (ICED). 

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Our Marketing Plan

Southeast Saskatchewan has what the world wants, our GAP Analysis proves it.

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Why Southeast Saskatchewan

Southeast Saskatchewan provides a space unlike any other in North America.

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Our Operational Plan

Our operational plan will ensure we meet our targets.

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The Corner Stone Projects

Click below to read more details on each of our cornerstone projects.

Please Note. These projects are in the early planning stages. They are not being promised. They are a good opportunity that are being actively negotiated. 

1. Hydrogen Hub. Turning coal to hydrogen. Click here.

2. Solar Powered Datacentre. Click here.

3. Organic Chemistry Lab. Click here.

4. Microgrid. Click here.


403a 9th Ave, Estevan, SK S4A 2V4