Solar Powered Datacentre

Please Note. This project is in the early planning stages. It is not being promised. It is a good opportunity that is being actively negotiated. 

SETH is partnering with Suncloud Holdings LLC to build a 100-Megawatt Datacentre. Not only will this UDS $2.1 billion project provide 172 direct full time permanent jobs, but it will also meet the needs of our applied research and product development clients.

This project will showcase how new forms of energy generation, transmission and storage are being used in the computing space. It will provide a real-world workplace experience for Southeast College’s students who are taking computer science education in emerging technology.

But most importantly, the Datacentre will provide companies relocating to Southeast Saskatchewan with data storage and a computing platform they need to be successful. Remember, AI needs the power of a Datacentre to function.

Project Detail's

The Datacentre Industry

Most large utilities are not prepared for the phasing out of fossil fuels. Combine this with the rapid growth in demand from datacentres/electric vehicles and aging grid infrastructure, new datacentres are looking for alternatives to traditional grid power.
Electric grid failure is the leading cause of datacentre outage, so the industry is shifting to construct greenfield datacentres with the capacity to generate their own power.

Leading Causes of Datacentre Outages

What’s more, the Datacentre industry has one of the fastest growing carbon footprints.

In response, Datacentre leaders are driving the industry to commit to 100% renewable energy.

Experts predict the US datacentre footprint to grow by 26,000 Megawatts from 2020 to 2030. Meanwhile, electricity prices are skyrocketing. Datacentre productive electricity* cost are expected to reach 24ȼ per kWh by 2030.

Estevan’s Datacentre Details

SunCloud will build in Southeast Saskatchewan:

  • 70 2MW (140MW Total) Green Datacentres on 3,500 Acres of Land.
  • Up to 100MW of Solar and 300 MWh of battery storage on 500 Acres of Land.
  • Natural Gas-powered generation plants.

This will create the following jobs.

In the Datacentres:

  • 140 Mechanical and Electrical Service Technicians (FTE) - $50k - $65k.
  • 10 Heavy Machinery Operators (FTE) - $70k - $85k.
  • 5 Administrative (Finance, HR, Accounting, Operations) (FTE) - $60k – 120k.
  • 10 Engineering/Product Management Positions (FTE) - $85k - $130k.
  • Total 165 Full-Time Employees.
  • 150+ Construction Workers

Utility Scale Renewable Energy Production:

  • 5 Mechanical and Electrical Service Technicians (FTE) - $50k-$65k.
  • 2 Administrative (FTE) - $60k - $80k.
  • Total 7 Full Time Employees.
  • 150+ Construction Workers

403a 9th Ave, Estevan, SK S4A 2V4